New Circle Profile: REAL Sistahs Give

REAL Sistahs Give is a multicultural, national giving circle composed of Black, Latina, Asian, and Native American women to raise funds for African American and Black women who need technical and financial assistance with their grassroots efforts to start or enhance their missions to address domestic and sexual violence against women and girls.

The circle is based on:

  • Relationship building,
  • Educating communities about approaches to Black women’s well-being over violence,
  • Advocating for survivor women and girls, and
  • supporting them with Love.

Sumayya, during the April 2013 Leadership Summit in Chapel Hill, NC.

The members will meet in person annually, regularly by teleconference, with the circle’s home base in Maryland.  The Circle will share resources, skills, networks, and host creative fundraising and educational activities in addition to giving a minimum annual amount (TBD) to award grantees. 

To join the circle or learn more, contact Sumayya Coleman at aabwculturalalliance AT gmail DOT com.

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