Forward Giving Circle Launches

GOLDSBORO, NC—On August 4, hosts Charles McNair and Cheryl Alston will launch the Forward Giving Circle, a new circle for farmers and educators.

Charles McNair

Charles McNair | Photography by Sino Chum

The purpose of the event is to connect local individual and organizational givers and activists who are currently practicing the heART of giving in Wayne County and eastern NC. The goals are to share what everyone is doing, assess needs and access to resources, set up a communication network with protocols to facilitate the sharing of information and resources that will FORWARD the missions of each individual, organization and the collective. A long-term strategy is to identify and train people to act as a de-centralized cooperative “information brokering” corps, with the ability to identify funding sources (for profit and nonprofit), thinktank on sustainability strategies for the circle(s) and members, etc.

Cheryl Alston | Photography by Sino Chum

Cheryl Alston | Photography by Sino Chum

Members from other NC Community Investment Network giving circles will speak at the gathering. A youth presentation will represent the future. The Elders presentation will represent the past and the final segment will be mobilization of the current philanthropists who represent the balance and the connection between the two. A monthly dinner will be established for community building, face-to-face fellowship, sharing, and celebration.

Represented organizations include Dillard Academy Charter School, Wayne Food Initiative, The Village Rising, The African American Heritage Society, Buffalo Soldiers, etc. They represent local efforts in Education, Sustainable Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, History and Culture, respectively, with other areas of the community represented as well.

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