9 Things You Missed If You Weren’t at the CIN Summit

Cathy at CIN in Bham

Cathy Peterson (NGAAP-Charlotte) and Jereann King Johnson (Heritage Quilters) at a 2012 CIN gathering

Cathy Peterson is a registered nurse and founding member of New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP-Charlotte). She’s had a momentous, whirlwind year that you can read all about in her bio. Cathy represented her circle in Chapel Hill at the recent CIN 6th Leadership Summit (#CIN13LS), and below is the recap she emailed to fellow circle members who did not attend.

#9 Melandee and I did a great job (Valaida’s words) with our Pecha Kucha-style presentation on our giving circle.

#8 How the Circle of Joy in Atlanta is partnering with an exercise studio and offering a Zumba class to raise money for their giving circle.

#7 A jerk chicken and halibut with mango chutney to die for. Meaning, I ate so much, I thought my stomach was going to burst.

#6 How Birmingham Change Fund, called BCF, (which, by the way, has its first female leader) has narrowed its focus to just one area (math and science education for middle school kids). They partnered with a math and science center for three years and have already seen the impact of their giving —improved test results!

#5 BCF is leveraging its networks to gain seats on community boards, including two members who are running for the school board.

#4 American Indians and Black farmers were a part of the CIN table and were really moved and excited (to the point of tears, for some) about using the giving circle model to help address some of the issues and challenges of their communities.

#3 Discussions about grantmaking to feel good versus grantmaking to bring about policy change. It takes all kinds of grantmaking to make the world go around.

#2 Tony from Denver African American Philanthropist (DAAP) may be a black elf . . . E.L.F. (benefit of an illustration is provided below)

#1 Perpetual amazement at how CIN can cram so much learning and laughter into one weekend!

— Cathy

black elf

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