Amazing, Heart-Wrenching and Outstanding: Reflections on Birmingham

Gloria Webb is a member of the Circle of Joy giving circle in Atlanta, and gave many hours of her time and talents by serving as a Delegate on the 2012 Conference Planning Committee

Working Hard: Gloria reviews the EDG curriculum

The Philanthropic Renaissance: Illuminating Creative Expressions of Giving Conference offered helpful information on ways to become better giving circles as well as how individuals can become more involved with their personal giving circle and the Community Investment Network (CIN). It was evident that the giving circles and CIN are moving in major ways to accomplish the goals of becoming greater everyday philanthropists while becoming a beacon for other national nonprofit organizations.

The EDG curriculum will be extremely supportive to beginning giving circles and existing circles if they choose to use parts of it to enhance their growth. The fellowship and networking are always electrifying! It was great to see Denver African-American Male Philanthropists (DAAP) and other young circles in attendance learning, sharing, and participating in the conference. DAAP is on its way to impacting the Denver area, by using the time, talent, and treasures of its diverse members. We are proud of the men who are a part of DAAP!

The conference also provided the opportunity to learn about Birmingham’s Civil Rights Legacy. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute was amazing and heart-wrenching for those of us who experienced the movement. It brought back memories of the ugly face of segregation.

The bus tour of the Magic City took participants on a tour of homes of civil rights leaders that were bombed, the home of activist Angela Davis, and the 16th Street Baptist Church that was bombed in 1963, wherein four young girls tragically lost their lives. The McWane Science center was interesting and exciting for the CIN participants as they got to partake in some of the activities and experiments.

The Birmingham Change Fund did an outstanding job of preparing every detail of the conference! It was an exciting experience and the Circle of Joy is waiting to land in Denver in 2013!

Playing Hard: Gloria (far right) dancing to P.Y.T. along with Marcus Walton (l) and Erika Davies (c).

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