Crystal’s Top 12 List from the Birmingham Renaissance

Crystal Goodman is a member of the Birmingham Change Fund. At the 2012 Conference, she had the distinct role as M.C. for the Recess on Saturday night, a highlighting many creative expressions and an all-around crowd pleasing affair.

Here are twelve of Crystal’s highlights from our time in Birmingham:

Crystal poses with DAAP member, Herman White.

  1. Thanks you’s always get me — the 10:15 am thank you on Sunday sent my tears over the levies which held them back. Benzel put a comforting hand on my shoulder to assure me of a presence felt.
    Dang, stupid thank yous always get me. Especially the real ones, like Chad gave.
  2. The moment during Kimberle Crenshaw Williams’ talk when I felt embarrassed and ashamed — that I know more about Scandal’s plot and characters than those that are real and going onaround me right now.
  3. Open space on Saturday with the Kenchens — where we continued our conversation from the Tithing and

    BJ, yoga apprentice, does tree pose.

    Community Building workshop about the role of churches in economic community building. It was an opportunity for me to realize that my disappointment in church governance can be overcome by seeing the lens through which our 60 and older trustee board see setting up a 501c3 organization, that the IRS andBanks = the white man, and the white man historically had the power to take away assets fairly or in their historical recollection, unfairly and inhumanely.

  4. Watching BJ follow Tyrone around — as he learned strength moves and yoga stances. He was enjoying every moment of show and tell with me and his dad once he thought he had it. He and his dad, Bobby, did push ups on the chairs in an effort to mimic Tyrone, his dad showing him that he too could do it.
  5. At the “Where ART Thou” kick-off event on Thursday night — where the food was DELISH, Valaida’s story of how  the book began, hearing her
    do the spoken word piece that opens up her book, seeing and meeting Charles the photographer, and hearing and seeing Sharriff and Shaundra.
  6. During Saturday’s Recess — the moment when I realized the confidence the “add in” had as he video recorded the uber talented Malik, and less than 10 minutes later, that Caleb would hit the stage with confidence of Mahalia Jackson, singing an old hymn, and Michael Jackson, singing PYT with dance moves

    After he did “P.Y.T.” — Caleb, Creative Talent from Birmingham

    to boot, bringing everyone to their feet and to the dance floor. Such a blessed surprise from a hand written note on a napkin. I love to see people have a good time.

  7. Sheer embarrassment Friday night — at the BCRI when talking to Barry and going blank about Europe’s woes and asking him “what’s going on Europe?” and him giving me a run down of Austerity and

    Germany’s Angela Merkel, who’s frequently been in the hot seat

    Greece, and the Eurozone. These are all things I listen to daily for the last two years that escaped me in my conversation with him. Afterwards, I was thinking to myself, he must think I’m an idiot.

  8. The ability to be flexible and open — when a sister suggesting I put all the “children” in the same section of performance during the Magic City Talent portion of the shows, which led to the great moment in number 6.
  9. The trust of my people in the community to come when I asked them to come.
  10. Seeing the love of big brothers for a new little sister and the big brother radar at high alert even when libations were flowing.
  11. Hanging out and laughing with the 3rd shift crew
  12. Hugging and greeting and meeting.
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1 Response to Crystal’s Top 12 List from the Birmingham Renaissance

  1. valaida says:

    Love it!!! Thanks Crystal, for giving us a dozen reasons to look forward to next year’s CIN gathering in Denver!

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