Blog Roll: online resources advancing our type of philanthropy

In the final days of June, CIN hosted our first For Us/By Us conference call along with our colleagues at the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, aka GIFT. They are also the producers of the phenomenal magazine, the Grassroots Fundraising Journal. (to view excerpts of their well-written, incisive and instructive articles online, but subscribe for an annual subscription and to their archives of years (if not decades!) of content).

Here are a few of the resources mentioned by CIN members Ben of the New Mountain Climbers and Gloria of the Circle of Joy,who were joined by Pa Vang of the Viv Ncaus giving circle based in Milwaukee. Viv Ncaus is one of the 20 giving circles in the AAPIP Giving Back, Giving Together network within Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP). They are CIN’s sisters and brothers advancing community philanthropy as a collective endeavor undertaken by everyday philanthropists of all classes and backgrounds.

  • Learning to Give, described as “philanthropy education resources that teach philanthropy and civic engagement.” The website contains more than 1,600 lesson plans for students, and is categorized for audiences such as teachers, students and parents as well as faith groups, independent schools and youth workers.
  • Another online resource, of a slightly different nature, mentioned during the call is an academic paper titled: Promoting Philanthropy in the Black Community, published in 2007 by Nanda Shrestha, Lydia McKinley-Floyd and Mark Gillespie of Florida A+M University.
  • AAPIP also has a great PDF called, “Starting a giving circle in your community” that is a step-by-step guide that has been written based on the significant growth of new API giving circles.

One additional resource is the online portal and community at Giving Circles Help, which was launched by Sharon Lipinski. The site includes mp3 interviews with giving circle members (including ALOT and the Birmingham Change Fund, as well as the Devata Fund, another AAPIP circle) along with other guides, resources, directions and questions that have been used in this growing phenomena of philanthropy from the bottom-up.

We need all of these resources. What websites, information or data do you rely on? Add links and suggestions in the comments section below.

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1 Response to Blog Roll: online resources advancing our type of philanthropy

  1. Hi, Chad. Thanks for the shout out on your blog about Giving Circles Help. When I was getting started, I spent a lot of time at the Giving Circle Knowledge Center at the Forum for Regional Grant Associations of Grant Makers (That’s a mouthful!):

    I’m especially interested in checking out those other resources you pointed out, too.

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