Appreciating Amy Locklear Hertel and the American Indian Center

Two weeks ago today, one of CIN’s newest board members, Amy Locklear Hertel, began as Director of the American Indian Center at the University of North Carolina. The mission of the American Indian Center is:

to bridge the richness of North Carolina’s American Indian cultures with the strengths of Carolina’s research, education and teaching. This will establish the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a leading public university for American Indian scholarship and scholars and make Native issues a permanent part of the intellectual life of the University.

Amy Locklear Hertel | Director of UNC’s American Indian Center and a CIN Board Member

We look forward to the opportunities to inspire, connect and strengthen the efforts of everyday philanthropists in Native American communities across the Tarheel State, elsewhere in the Southeast and throughout the nation. As the About page on the American Indian Center website states, “North Carolina is home to one of the largest Native populations in the eastern United States and the center serves as the University’s front door to American Indian communities across the state and the nation.
The Center enables Carolina, as the University of the People and the leading public institution in the United States, to truly serve the First People of North Carolina and become the premier public university in the East for American Indian research, scholarship, public service and knowledge dissemination.”

Join us as we congratulate Amy halfway through her first month. Join us as community philanthropy spreads to new communities, with new giving circles composed of everyday philanthropists in all walks of life.

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