An Awakening at the Summit

Written by Marsha Morgan, a CIN member since 2004

BCF members Ed Fields, Lyord Watson Jr., Marsha Morgan and Charles Lewis at the 2011 CIN Leadership Summit | photo by Sino Chum of Camko Studios

As a founding member of the Birmingham Change Fund (BCF), it seems strange that I recently attended my first CIN Leadership Summit.  After the inception of BCF, I was active for some time then life with all of its ups, downs, joys and pain happened.  Although I maintained my financial commitment to BCF, my level of active participation declined.  Fortunately, I was able to reconnect and renew my commitment to one of the most trailblazing organizations of our time over the past few years.

2011 CIN Leadership Summit participants | photo by Sino Chum of Camko Studios

The historical significance of meeting at the Penn Center at this time in CIN’s history is astounding.  To know that the Center was once an avenue of education for my ancestors was humbling.  It was also amazing to stand on the same ground where profound leaders, such as Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., stood.  It is hard to imagine what they were feeling as they strategically planned and coordinated the movement.  However, I know I reap the benefits of their time at the Center.  Consequently, it is not a mere coincidence that our Summit was held at this historical location and this was my first opportunity to attend.

Over the course of the Leadership Summit, I was inspired, empowered, and awakened.  I was in awe of the growth of the number of giving circles standing under the umbrella of CIN since its founding.  I stood in wonder by the uniqueness of each circle.  I was blessed by the instant friendships and camaraderie I encountered.  I was engrossed by the wisdom shared amongst members of each circle.  I was moved to action by the stories and charges given to us by Gladys Washington.  I was confronted with reminders that there is still much work to be done.  However, and most importantly, I was humbled to know that God chose me to be a part of His work.

Marsha Morgan | photo by Sino Chum of Camko Studios

Marsha Morgan is a native of Birmingham, Alabama.  She obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University in May 2001 and then graduated with an MBA in 2006 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She is a founding member and treasurer of the Birmingham Change Fund – one of the first giving circles composing CIN. Marsha is happily married to Jerome Morgan, Jr. and resides in the greater Birmingham area. You can connect with Marsha via

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1 Response to An Awakening at the Summit

  1. Zhaundra says:

    Inspiring reading Marsha. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to continuing to move forward with you all’s renewed enthusiasm!


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